LENS is a project to build an operating system on top of the Linux kernel without worrying about backwards-compatibility with existing software, including the POSIX standard or specific software suites like GNU.

LENS is written in Rust and currently only runs on x86-64 machines, though that would be easy to fix.


LENS features various interesting features, most of which are technically straightforward but require a complete breakage of compatibility to implement. For example:

Project resources

LENS development is done in a semi-decentralized fashion, but mostly-current code is kept on its own Git server, viewable on the Web via cgit at git.lens-os.xyz. All project code so far is kept in the lens-core repository, and design documentation (much of which far-forward-looking) is kept in the design repository.

Plans exist to implement a mailing list, possibly based on the GNU Mailman or lists.sr.ht packages.


The lens-core repository includes a CONTRIBUTING.md file that provides a detailed explanation, but to quickly summarize:


The currently-active participants in the project are:

Previously-active participants include: